Polish University Gets Ready for IPv6 With Cisco Technology

8. Juni 2011

Cisco today announced that the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, known as UTP, has completed the modernization of its campus and research networks based on the Cisco® Borderless Network architecture. With the new, IPv6-enabled infrastructure, UTP is leveraging the value of the network for education and research and provides highly secure wired and wireless Internet access for more than 9,000 students and 1,000 employees.



Cisco: From Shanghai to TIMES: How to obtain & retain a Top 200 ranking?

27. April 2011

The Shanghai and TIMES Higher Education World rankings are the key indicators of University quality and reputation. We are scheduling a Telepresence conference to hear from some of the universities ranked in the top 200 by these organisations, and will be asking them to discuss the actions that they were able to take to gain their position and how they are maintaining their status.

We also invited Universities, which are not listed in the ranking yet to hear what are their plans to enter the ranking. In particular we will be asking them about the use of technology to achieve this objective.

This will be a introductory discussion that will be continued in one of the breakouts of the Public Sector Summit in Stockholm later this year and will be followed by some intermediate discussions.


CT: IT Innovation and Adoption in Higher Education

15. April 2011

WCET Executive Director Ellen D. Wagner will give a keynote at Campus Technology 2011, just prior to the CT 2011 Innovator Awards recognition ceremony. CT asked for her views on IT innovation and adoption in higher education.


Monash University Leads the Way in Educating and Training Medical Students in Rural Australia with Cisco TelePresence

3. April 2011

Cisco today announced that Monash University, Australia’s largest university, will use Cisco TelePresenceTM to provide a virtual, real-time connection between medical students on work placement in rural Victoria and teaching staff located at central campuses.

Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences is extending the in-person classroom environment to medical students on work placement in rural Victoria through Cisco TelePresence, an immersive, lifelike communications experience that combines high-definition video and high-quality audio to realistically convey the body language and human elements that are critical to the interactive nature of a classroom.

Cisco, VMware und NetApp bauen an Center of Excellence der TU Dresden und TU Bergakademie Freiberg

22. März 2011

Gemeinsam mit den strategischen Partnern Interface Systems und T-Systems realisieren NetApp, Cisco und VMware die von den Universitäten in Auftrag gegebenen Lösungen für Virtualisierungs- und Cloud-Anwendungen. Nach Fertigstellung des Center of Excellence in diesem Jahr werden erstmals in Deutschland Shared Services zwischen zwei Hochschulen in größerem Maßstab erprobt. Dann können Studierende und Fachbereiche unabhängig von Standort, verwendeter Plattform oder Gerät auf zentral angebotene Anwendungen zugreifen. 


BBC: Going to Harvard from your own bedroom

22. März 2011

„In the online world you don’t need to fill buildings or lecture theatres with people and you don’t need to be trapped into a lecture timetable,“ says Peter Scott, director of the Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute.


IT could split higher education

13. März 2011

Information technology is a multi-faceted and potentially disruptive phenomenon and we should not assume business as usual, the President of the Commonwealth of Learning, Sir John Daniel*, told the congress.

Delivering the first international keynote address, Daniel said that if used properly, education technology could achieve wider access, higher quality and lower cost all at the same time. He said this was a revolution – it had never happened before – but public universities had failed to achieve these advantages and could lose out to private providers.


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