UWN: Universities respond to social media

6. März 2011

Facebook has 500 million users and counting, Twitter generates 65 million tweets a day and the latest version of the free blog publishing platform WordPress has been downloaded more than 32.5 million times. Students are more than ready for social media, said Rahul Choudaha, an international education specialist at World Education Services. „If we’re doubting it, then it will be a mistake.“

Social media has experienced rapid growth in a very short time. Tweets, blogs, status updates, IM and newsfeeds are just some of the terms that have entrenched themselves in everyday speech. Higher education institutions worldwide have been responding by creating Facebook pages, blogs, interactive web platforms and Twitter accounts.



C.T.: Egypt: The Terror of Free Information, The Promise for Higher Education

17. Februar 2011

Information technology has two faces: control and freedom. Egypt showed us the power of free exchange of communication (the IT face of freedom). During the whole of human history, a small minority has inevitably controlled „truth“ and thus power. Information and communication technologies (ICT) wash away these suddenly vulnerable autocratic sand castles guarding truth, in countries and in human institutions. Who can now scoff at the social Web and call it fluff? How can educational institutions continue to marginalize the social Web, labeling it as unimportant or undesirable? How can higher education, dedicated to the free exchange of ideas, not fully embrace this most extraordinary medium?


bytelevel: Cisco #3 following Facebook & Google in Ranking best global web sites

18. Januar 2011


Huff Post: Why Low Performing Schools Need Digital Media

12. Januar 2011

When the social and digital media revolution gained momentum at the dawn of the new millennium, no one would have predicted that less than a decade later black and Latino youth would be just as engaged as their white, Asian, and more affluent counterparts. Across a number of measures — use of mobile phones and gaming devices, social network sites, and the mobile web — young blacks and Latinos are beginning to outpace their white counterparts. For years the dominant narrative related to race and technology in the U.S. pivoted around the question of access. Today, the most urgent questions pivot around participation and more specifically, the quality of digital media engagement among youth in diverse social and economic contexts.


Zeit Online: Über Facebook an die Uni

23. Dezember 2010

Die London School of Business and Finance bietet auf Facebook die erste Master-App an. Damit können Studenten einen regulären Abschluss erwerben.


Duke University Global MBA Students Use Cisco Quad Social Software to Collaborate Across Borders

16. Dezember 2010

Duke University and Cisco today announced that Cisco Quad™ is being used by students and faculty in Duke’s Fuqua School of Business– MBA-Cross Continent program. Cisco Quad enables students globally located in the United States, England, Dubai, India, Russia, and China to create virtual working groups, find people with common interests, share files or videos with other students working on similar projects and instantly start video conferences or chat sessions.


Cisco #2 – Top 10 Corporate Twitterers

16. November 2010


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