New report highlights barriers to online learning – Need Broadband!

26. November 2010

Distance-learning organization says that despite successes, stakeholders still must advocate for online learning programs

Students must have reliable broadband access if they are to take advantage of 21st-century online education programs that can increase their access to educational opportunities, according to a new report from the U.S. Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

The report, Enabled by Broadband, Education Enters a New Frontier, highlights success and growth in online education programs across the country. It also outlines the need for increased broadband access and suggests policy measures to ensure that barriers to continued growth in online learning are removed.


24-stündige, globale Online-Lesung (mit Cisco WebEx!) kommt ins GUINNESS WORLD RECORD BUCH

22. September 2010

Am 21. September 2010, dem offiziellen Weltfriedenstag der Vereinten Nationen, fand unter dem Motto „Authors for Peace“ die weltgrößte Lesung mit den meisten Autoren statt. Damit wird die Lesung einen Eintrag in die nächste Ausgabe des GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS BUCH erhalten.

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