[CIO] Uni Kassel Mobiles Lernen mit Cisco und iPad

22. Juni 2011

Eine positive Zwischenbilanz zog die Universität Kassel für das Projekt „Mobiles Lernen“. Studenten sind mit 200 iPads und anderen Tablet-PSs für interaktive Vorlesungen ausgestattet.

Studenten rufen E-Books ab, lösen in einer laufenden Vorlesung Kurzaufgaben des Professors und geben während der Veranstaltung durch elektronische Umfragen Rückmeldungen: Das gibt es seit Anfang dieses Semesters an der Universität Kassel beim Projekt „Mobiles Lernen“. CIO.de berichtete bereits über den Start des Projekts in dem Artikel „Kostenlose iPads für Studenten„.

Der Vizepräsident und CIO der Hochschule, Professor Alexander Roßnagel, zog jetzt ein positives Zwischenfazit: „Inhalte und Formen der Lernmaterialien konnten ausgeweitet werden, dabei wurden besonders Videos als hilfreich eingeordnet, aber auch andere Selbstlernmaterialien positiv bewertet“, sagte er. Mit IT zu lernen und zu lehren, mache allen Beteiligten in den Großveranstaltungen einfach mehr Spaß, hieß es beim Zwischenfazit der Universität. Rechts- und Gesellschaftswissenschaftler lesen nun häufiger außerhalb der Vorlesung juristische und politologische Texte oder schlagen Informationen nach.



Polish University Gets Ready for IPv6 With Cisco Technology

8. Juni 2011

Cisco today announced that the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, known as UTP, has completed the modernization of its campus and research networks based on the Cisco® Borderless Network architecture. With the new, IPv6-enabled infrastructure, UTP is leveraging the value of the network for education and research and provides highly secure wired and wireless Internet access for more than 9,000 students and 1,000 employees.


Video: Distance Learning in the Classroom

1. Juni 2011

Computers changing the global classroom

16. Mai 2011

One of the great debates of modern times centres around the quality of education.

To Shantanu Prakash, it seems that parents and teachers all over the world are united in the belief that the grass must be greener somewhere else.

„This is not simply an India problem, this is a global problem. When I go to conferences and I talk to educators, there is almost a competition amongst them to say whose education system is the worst.“

The Indian entrepreneur sensed there was a business opportunity in the widespread dissatisfaction with educational standards he encountered.

Mr Prakash graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. But unlike many of his classmates, he turned his back on a career in investment banking.

Instead, in the early 1990s, he set up Educomp, a business which provides computer services and learning materials to schools and colleges.


Wake Forest to use WebEx solutions

20. April 2011

With the click of a mouse, it is possible to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. In a matter of seconds, you can see them, speak to them, and share a document to make simultaneous contributions. Forward-thinking university professors have been using these online tools to enhance students’ learning for years, but the stories of transformative learning experiences have been isolated to individual classes, project teams, or academic departments. Unreliable technology, poor video quality, and risky security have limited widespread collaboration.


CT: Traditional Computers on the Decline in 2011

15. April 2011

Adoption of iPads and other alternative computing devices has started cutting into PC sales. Traditional computers–desktops, workstations, laptops, and netbooks–saw a steep decline in the first quarter of 2011 in the United States, with sluggish shipments worldwide as well, according to a new preliminary report released this week by market research firm Gartner.


CT: IT Innovation and Adoption in Higher Education

15. April 2011

WCET Executive Director Ellen D. Wagner will give a keynote at Campus Technology 2011, just prior to the CT 2011 Innovator Awards recognition ceremony. CT asked for her views on IT innovation and adoption in higher education.


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