CT: How the University of Minnesota moved its Active Learning Classroom concept to prime time

In early 2008, after piloting two Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) for only one full semester, the University of Minnesota had a decision to make: Should the new classroom format be incorporated into the design of its new Science Teaching and Student Services (STSS) building? Since faculty, students, and researchers all agreed that the ALC format was making a difference in teaching and learning, the answer was an unqualified yes. „The data collected during that one semester convinced us to move forward with 10 ALC spaces in the new STSS building,“ recalled Jeremy Todd, director of the Office of Classroom Management.

But the new classrooms would not simply duplicate the piloted setup. Once the decision was made to take the ALC concept mainstream, Todd and his team focused on ways to fine-tune the technology and design of the spaces for the new building.



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