The EU has met just 1/5 education targets it set in 2003 for 2020

  • reducing the school drop-out rate to below 10% – since 2003, the number of young people leaving school with lower-secondary education or less has fallen to about 14%
  • increasing the number of 30-34 year-olds with tertiary education to 40% – the EU average increased by nearly 10 percentage points to 32.3% between 2000 and 2009
  • getting 95% of children into pre-primary education – the rate currently stands at 92.3%. Although nine EU countries already meet this target and many others are on track, a few are lagging behind
  • improving reading, maths and science skills among 15-year-olds – less than 15% of pupils should under-perform in these core skills by 2020. Today, some 20% of pupils lack adequate reading skills
  • increasing the number of adults in lifelong learning to 15% – the number of people taking part in these programmes has slightly decreased, with the rate now below 10% in 17 EU countries


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