OECD: Top 5 actions to take in education today

What is the most important action we need to take in education today?

People from over 90 countries have expressed their priorities for action in education. They participated in Raise Your Hand – a global ideas marketplace run by the OECD from 15 September through 15 October 2010. People uploaded 325 original ideas and cast over 27,000 votes on line in just 30 days.

What are the top five priorities for action to take in education today? The people participating said:

1. Teach to think, not to regurgitate.
2. Commit to education as a public good and a public responsibility.
3. Focus more on creating a long-term love of learning and the ability to think critically than teaching to standardised tests.
4. Ensure all children have the opportunity to discover their natural abilities and develop them.
5. Ensure that children from disadvantaged background and migrant families have the same opportunity to quality education as others.



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